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Event report written by Gergely Szabó
Farkas Anett
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As a young professional in the ever-evolving world of business, there’s nothing quite as exciting as immersing yourself in the pulsating heart of the startup scene. I recently had the privilege of attending a local startup event in Győr, a vibrant city that’s quickly emerging as a cradle of innovation in Hungary. Trust me when I say, there’s nothing more energizing than the fusion of bright minds and effervescent local spirits!

The evening was a sparkling tech-fiesta. People from diverse backgrounds gathered to share, learn, and push the boundaries of innovation. Amidst the crowd, I met with a variety of personalities, each one with a unique tale of resilience, ambition, and disruption. From enthusiastic tech wizards striving to code the next big thing, to visionary entrepreneurs with an insatiable appetite for creating value, the event was teeming with passion and ingenuity.

To be a part of this extraordinary experience was both humbling and inspiring. It reminded me of the vast potential that lies within these local gatherings. Opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas, the formation of unlikely alliances, and the very possibility of stumbling upon the next ‘unicorn’ in the vibrant maze of startups.

The camaraderie I observed at the event was impressive. It’s seldom that you see rivals sharing a laugh over drinks or competitors genuinely applauding each other’s achievements. The sense of community was palpable. We all understood that we were part of something much bigger than ourselves, a movement that’s reshaping the world as we know it.

As the night grew older, the discussions got deeper. We chatted about everything, from the latest tech trends to the age-old debate of disruption vs. tradition. The exchange of ideas, the lively debates, the shared laughter - all this against the backdrop of clinking glasses and heartfelt toasts made for an unforgettable experience.

A big shout-out to all the trailblazers I met at the event. Your stories continue to inspire and fuel the drive to achieve more. The energy, the ideas, the camaraderie - they’re the lifeblood of these events and the driving force behind the ever-evolving startup scene.

A special thank you to the hosts of the event, who ensured that our glasses were never empty and our spirits always high. Here’s to more nights of brainy chats, belly laughs, and bold strides in the tech world!

Until our next tech rendezvous, I encourage everyone to keep pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and disrupting for the better. Remember, we’re all part of this vibrant tapestry of innovation and there’s always room for one more idea, one more dream, and one more drink!

So here’s to the movers, the shakers, and the disruptors of Gyor. Until we meet again, keep crushing it, pioneers!

Our last event was a smashing good time so Victoria+Krisz and Start IT up Győr invite you to join us again for drinks and mingling to share ideas and connections with our local tech talent:

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